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    15 September 2004, Volume 24 Issue 3
    A new species of Convolvulacese from Emei mountain, Sichuan
    ZHU Zheng-Yin
    2004, 24(3):  257-258. 
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    A new species of the family Convolvuaceae (Ipomoea L.),Ipomea emeiensis Z.Y.Zhu,from Emei mountain Sichuan,China is described.
    A new species of Machilus(Lauraceae)from Hainan Island
    FU Guo-Ai, HONG Xiao-Jiang
    2004, 24(3):  259-260. 
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    A new species of the genus Machilus Nees (Lauraceae),M.wenchangensis G.A.Fu et X.J.Hong from Hainan Island is described.
    Two new species of Yulania from China
    FU Da-Li, TIAN Guo-Hang, ZHAO Tian-Bang, CHEN Zhi-Xiu
    2004, 24(3):  261-264. 
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    Two new species of the genus Yulania Spach of Magnoliaceae are described from China.They are Y.mirifolia D.L.Fu,T.B.Zhao et Z.X.Chen,sp.nov.and Y.viridula D.L.Fu,T.B.Zhao et G.H.Tian,sp.nov..Their morphological characteristics and distribution are investigated.The species are compared to near ones respectively.
    Amaranthus standleyanus Parodi ex Covas, a newly naturalized plants in China
    LI Zhen-Yu
    2004, 24(3):  265-266. 
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    Amaranthus standleyanus Parodi ex Covas is reported as a newly recorded species in China,which is native to Argentina and recently has become a naturalized weed in Beijing.
    A new species of the genus Asterocapsa(Cyanophyta) from Jilin Province
    FAN Ya-Jun, XIAO Hong-Xing
    2004, 24(3):  267-268. 
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    A new species of Asterocapsa from Jilin Province is reported.
    Marsupella commutata(Limpr.) Bernet and its two new synonyms
    WU Yu-Huan, GAO Chien
    2004, 24(3):  269-270. 
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    Type materials of Gynmomitrium uncrenulatum C.Gao et K.C.Chang and Marsupella commutata var.microfolia K.C.Chang (Hepaticae,Gymnomitriaceae) from Mt.Changbai,Jilin Province,China was studied.Detailed comparisons of the type specimens and Marsupella commutata(Limpr.) Bernet.reveal that the two species and one variety are conspecific.Therefore,Gynmomitrium uncrenulatum and Marsupella commutata var.microfolia were reduced to synonyms of M.commutata.
    New fern records from Jiangsu Province
    CHANG Ying, QIANG Sheng
    2004, 24(3):  271-271. 
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    Two species of ferns,belonging to Dryopteridaceae in 2 genera from Jiangsu Province,are firstly reported.
    Taxonomic revision of the Magnoliaceae from Jiangxi Province
    LIN Xin-Chun, YU Zhi-Xiong
    2004, 24(3):  272-273. 
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    Based on both field investigation and herbarium specimens,taxonomic revision of and supplement to the Magnoliaceae from Jiangxi Province are made.The names of 1 sect and 2 species are reduced,i.e.Manglietia Sect.Decidua Q.Y.Zheng is reduced to Sinomanglieta Z.X.Yu,Michelia Decidua Q.Y.Zheng is reduced to Sinomanglieta glauca Z.X.Yu et Q.Y.Zheng,Michelia jiangxiensis Chang et B.L.Chen is reduced to Michelia chapensis Dandy.As a result,7 genera,22 species and 1 subspecies are recognized in the Magnoliaceae from Jiangxi Province.
    Additions to the pteridophyte flora of Xizang(II)
    ZANG Xian-Chun, SHEN Zhe-Hao, DONG Shi-Yong
    2004, 24(3):  274-277. 
    Asbtract ( 607 )   PDF (196KB) ( 208 )  
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    Eight species of pteridophytes mainly from the tropical area of SE Xizang are reported here as new records,and with some discussions of the floristic characters and taxonomy problems of the pteridoflora of Xizang.
    A study on the spatial distribution and quantitive characteristic of Populus euphratica and Populus pruinosa flowers
    LIU Jian-Ping, ZHOU Zheng-Li, LI Zhi-Jun, GONG Wei-Jiang, GAO Shan, YU Jun
    2004, 24(3):  278-283. 
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    The spatial distribution and quantitive characteristic of Populus euphratica and Populus pruinosa flowers from different inhabited environment was studied.The results showed that the height,undermost and topmost position of flowers,the lower limit and upper limit catkin concentration of male trees were lower than that of female trees.The distributed range of catkins of male and female trees had a wider superpose.The order of male catkin quantity in the canopy was middle > upper > under and that of female catkins quantity was upper > middle > under.The quantity of catkins of a tree,the number of anther of a inflorescence,the quantity of pollen of a anther and a catkin of Populus euphratica were little than that of Populus pruinosa.The stastic showed that the quantity of catkin of a tree,the number of inflorescence of a catkin and the quantity of pollen of a anther were relatively stable,and the quantity of catkin of a tree of Populus pruinosa male trees was stable.
    Study on the diversity of vascular plants of mountains in southern Anhui
    CHEN Ming-Lin, ZHANG Xiao-Ping, SUN Ying-Zhi
    2004, 24(3):  284-291. 
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    There are 2 342 species of vascular plants in mountains in southern Anhui with complex landforms and habitats,which belong to 913 genera and 198 families.The floristic compositions in horizontal zonation become complex from North to South,and the south elements and Pteridophytes increase gradually.Broad-leaf forest is common but in patch,the area of mixed evergreen-deciduous forest appears a gradually declining trend toward the south,whereas the evergreen broadleaf forest does conversely.The vertical zonation of vegetations are obvious,and the vegetations from base belt to top belt are arranged in order as follows:agricultural areas,evergreen broadleaf forest belt,mixed evergreen-deciduous forest belt,deciduous broadleaf forest belt,mountain shrubbery belt or mountain meadow belt,among which the evergreen broadleaf forest belt is dominant,especially during the original vegetations period.The higher the latitude is,the lower the upper limit of the vegetation is distributed.The families of vascular plants of Tropical-subtropical and Tropical-temperate distributional patterns account for 31.8% and 23.6%,respectively,while Temperate distributional patterns make up 50.6%,taking a predominated position,and the genera of Tropical distributional patterns make up 33.6%,among which the percentage of North hemisphere and Pan-tropical floristic elements is 19.6% and 18.6%,respectively.the discrepancy of the statistic data between families and genera and the higher proportion (59.0%) of herbs etc.show that the floristic interims from Subtropical flora to Temperate subtropical one are obvious.There are 65 monotypic genera and 133 oligotypic genera which are genetically relic,ancient,primitive elements.The endemicity to China is outstanding,with 29 endemic genera,25 Angiosperms endemic to Anhui,4 Pteridophytes and 81 Spermatophytes endemic to Anhui,Zhejiang and Jiangxi,while the proportion of endemic genera in this area is lower than that in China,in spite of the abundant Spermatophytes in this area.There are such rich plant resources as for food,medicine,industry and ornamental in this area,but many of which,such as medicinal resources,have decreased rapidly in quantity and distribution.Some protection measures should be enhanced.
    A preliminarily study on the pteridophytic flora of Ehuangzhang Nature Reserve in Yangchun, Guangdong
    WANG Fa-Guo, YE Hua-Gu, YE Yu-Shi, ZHOU Lian-Xuan
    2004, 24(3):  292-296. 
    Asbtract ( 327 )   PDF (231KB) ( 134 )  
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    The floristic phytogeographical features of the ferns and fern allies in the Mt.Ehuangzhang Nature Reserve are discussed.There are about 134 species (including varieties and forms) of pteridophytes belonging to 72 genera and 38 families in this area,and the higher taxa in system and evolvement,such as Polypodiaceae,Thelypteridaceae and Dryopteridaceae are the dominent.Through the analysis the additional results are as follows:Rich in single species families,ancient in origin,complexion,varied in geographical elements,having an extensive connection with nearby floristic areas,but dominating in tropical and subtropical elements.It is nearly correlative with the ancient geologic structure and ascendant natural condition here.
    Study on the anatomy of vegetative organs of protective plant Elaeagnus mollis
    WEI Xue-Zhi, ZHANG Yue-Zheng, SONG Dong-Liang
    2004, 24(3):  297-300. 
    Asbtract ( 416 )   PDF (529KB) ( 193 )  
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    The structures of vegetative organs of second class conservatiue plant of China-Eaeagnus mollis Diels are observed with a systematic way in this paper.The results show that black material with the thickness of 2.4~36.7 μm clings to the epidermis of root.Cell wall of endodermis are thickened with different degree,of which the cells obtain black material are similar to tannins.In the primary structure of stem,there are lots of raphides in the pith.The secondary xylem shows typical ring-porus wood with multitude herocellular rays.Cells of leaf also obtain lots of raphides and the ratio of palisade parenchyma and spongy parenchyma is 1.96,which shows characters of xeric structure.
    Study on stomatal development of Amaranthus tricolor
    REN An-Xiang, WANG Yu-Mei, NII Naosuke
    2004, 24(3):  301-304. 
    Asbtract ( 402 )   PDF (438KB) ( 288 )  
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    We researched on the stomatal differentiation,stomatal density and stomatal aging in Amaranthus tricolor leaves.Result shows that the differentiation of mother cell in protective cell begins from folded leaves that are 13.8 mm long.With the leaves unfolding,stomata are mature and open.The differentiation of stomata is continuous process in amaranth leaves.When leaf's length is 27 mm and leaf's area is 1.18 cm2,the stomatal density is max.The stomatal aging and degradation are also found in the old leaves of the lower part.
    Cytological investigation on microsporogenesis of cytoplasmic male sterility in radish(Raphanus sativus L.)
    HUANG Hao, LIU Li-Wang, CHEN Chong-Shun, GONG Yi-Qin, SONG Xian-Yong, WEI Kai-Yu
    2004, 24(3):  305-308. 
    Asbtract ( 382 )   PDF (603KB) ( 199 )  
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    The cytology of the microsporogenesis and development of anther wall of cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) lines A2,A4 and its maintainer lines B2,B4 was studied.The results revealed that the tapetal cells of the male sterile line A2 developed abnormally at tetrad stage,and they became vacuolated and numerous small vacuoles are present;furthermore,the small vacuoles fused into large ones.Exine of microspore was light stained,and cell wall was destructed.Finally with degeneration of the tapetal cells,the pollen aborted.The tapetal cells of CMS line A4 enlarged abnormally at meiotic phase,pressing microsporocyte seriously.Lately,light-staining exine of microspore could not be observed,and tapetal cells fused to form big lump invading the loculi,and finally leading to pollen grain abortion.
    The development of megasporogenesis and the formation of female gametophyte in Dysosma versipellis
    HUANG Heng-Yu, MA Shao-Bin
    2004, 24(3):  309-312. 
    Asbtract ( 299 )   PDF (494KB) ( 218 )  
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    The present paper firstly reports the megasporogenesis and the formation of female gametophyte in Dysosma versipellis(Hance) M.cheng.Result shows thot:The ovule is bitegminous,Most are crassinucellate and amphitropous,but sometimes are pseudocrassinucellate and campylotropous.The ovary is unilocular with many ovules.The placentation is marginal placenta.The micropyle is formed by both the inner and the outer integuments.The female archesporium is hypodermal and single-celled,sometimes appear two or three archesporial cells.The two type in the development of megaspore mother cell.The megaspore mother cell goes meiosis to form a linear tetrad.The chalazal megaspore is functional.The development of the embryo sac conforms to the Polygonum type.In mature embryo sac,two polar nucleus fused into the secondary nucleus before fertilization;three antipodal cells are ephemeral;the triangular egg apparatus is obvious polarity,the polarity of egg cell and synergids is opposite;two synergids are developed,the morpha and size of its fifiform apparatus are different in the development of the embryo sac,and it functions as a haustrum.
    Effect of NaCl stress and water deficiency on cold resistance of Euonymus fortunei young plants
    ZHAO Li-Fang, ZHANG Jin-Zheng, ZHANG Qi-Xiang, SHI Lei, LU Ren-Qiang
    2004, 24(3):  313-316. 
    Asbtract ( 356 )   PDF (202KB) ( 128 )  
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    Effect of different pretreatment on cold resistance of Euonymus fortunei‘Hong Mai’was investigated.Lipid peroxidation,protective enzyme activity and osmotic adjustment were analysed.The result showed that the young plants by cold stress after pretreatment with 0.1 and 0.3 mol/L NaCl put up lower lipid peroxidation,higher defense enzymes activities and more osmotic adjustment.Compared with different PEG concentration,salt concentraton could more effectively advance the cold resistance of Euonymus fortunei.The results proved different stress pretreatments could improve the resistance of the Euonymus fortunei young plants.The cross adaption of plants to different environmental stresses involved certain common molecular mechanism.
    Studies on the culture of Porphyridium aerugineum 755
    LI Zhan, FENG Qi-Jun, TONG Yu, WANG Quan-Xi
    2004, 24(3):  317-320. 
    Asbtract ( 340 )   PDF (279KB) ( 120 )  
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    Porphyridium is a valuable algae which is a potential source of several high valued polymers like polysaccharides,polyunsaturated fatty acids and pigments.Many environment factors effect the growth of Porphyridium aerugineum.The effects of light intensity,photoperiod,salinity,shaken and static cultures,NaHCO 3 and glucose on growth of Porphyridium aerugineum were studied.The absorption spectra of the algae was also analysed.All these studies are proposed to find those optimization of culture conditions of Porphyridium aerugineum.
    Comprative study on photosynthetic characteristics of birch in Maoershan
    WANG Ai-Min, ZU Yuan-Gang
    2004, 24(3):  321-325. 
    Asbtract ( 252 )   PDF (158KB) ( 155 )  
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    Comparative study was processed in photosynthetic characteristics of birch in Maoershan region.The results showed:both the real photosynthetic capacity and the potential photosynthetic capacity of sexual birch are higher than those of a sexual birch (in mesophytic habit)(P < 0.05);the photosynthetic capacity of birch growing in mesophytic habit are higher than those of birch in hydrophytic habit (for sexual population)(P < 0.05);the photosynthetic capacity of seedlings is the lowest among birch in different ages while it also has the highest light compensation point no matter for sexual population or a sexual population (P < 0.05).
    Effect of NaCl stress on growth and content of severalions of wheatgrass
    WANG Rong-Hua, SHI Lei, TANG Geng-Guo, LIANG Yin-Chu, ZHANG Chen-Yi
    2004, 24(3):  326-330. 
    Asbtract ( 442 )   PDF (229KB) ( 135 )  
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    Different concentration of NaCl was used to treat the seedings of wheatgrass,we studied the effect of salt stress on fresh weight and ion content of leaves of wheatgrass.The result showed that wheatgrass seedlings can keep growth in slight salt stress.But in middle or severe stress,growth of the seedlings was restrained distinctly.So we considered that the seedlings of wheatgrass can prevent Na+ from transporting to upgroud by withholding Na+ in root.This can keep the balance of ion of upground.But in middle or severe salt stress,the upgroud of seedlings accumulated superabundance of Na+,limited the uptake of K+ and Ca2+,seedlings was damaged heavily.
    Effects of different concentrations of seawater on growths, developments and absorption of P of Helianthus tuberosus seedlings
    LONG Xiao-Hua, LIU Zhao-Pu, LIU Ling, CHEN Ming-Da, ZHENG Qing-Song
    2004, 24(3):  331-334. 
    Asbtract ( 432 )   PDF (230KB) ( 184 )  
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    Growing plants that can resist salt and tolerate the seawater is one of valid steps in rightful use and exploiture of coastal soil.Pot experiments were carried out to study the effects of treatments with different concentrations of seawater on growths,distributions of ions,and different absorption of 32P of Helianthus tuberosus seedlings.The results were as follows:Compared with the control,there were slight changes of the fresh weight (FW) and the dry weight (DW) of roots and the shoots of Helianthus tuberosus seedlings treated with 25% and 50% seawater,while they significantly declined treated with 75% seawater.But the percentage of DW was highest under 75% seawater stress than others treatments.The absorption ratio of 32P was highest for the seedlings treated with 25% seawater under the moderate level of P.The contents of Na+ and Cl- in the shoots added with the enhancements of seawater concentrations.Compared with Na+,the K+ content was highest under 25% seawater stress,then 50%,control and 75% in turn.And the contents tendencies of Na+,Cl-and K+ of the unitage dry weight in roots were similar with them in the shoots.
    Effect of cultivated measures on the output of gentian and content of geitiopicroside and swertiamarin
    SUN Hai-Feng, WANG Xi-Jun, WU Xiu-Hong, MENG Xiang-Cai, ZHOU Lei, QU Xiang-Qian
    2004, 24(3):  335-338. 
    Asbtract ( 314 )   PDF (186KB) ( 202 )  
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    Supply cultivated techniques to the production of gentian of fine quality.T ransplant gentian separately according to the following factors:different transplanting time,density,grade seedling and preceding crop.Five plots sampling method was applied to determine the output of gentian and HPLC was applied to determine the contents of gentiopicroside and swertiamarin.The results showed that the output of gentian was hig her and the content of gentiopicroside was over 10.8% as the following measures:cultivated at autumn;transplanted the first grade seedling;rotation;the transplanting density was 125 plant/m2,but the content of gentiopicroside was hig her as the transplanting density was lower.The bet ter cultivation measures of gentian with high yield and fine quality were:cultivated at autumn;transplanted the first grade seedling;rotation;the transplanting density was 125 plant/m2.
    Analysis of leaf proteins of T-cytoplasmic male sterility and fertility restoration in common wheat by 2D-PAGE
    ZHU Hong, WANG JI-Hua, WANG Tong-Chang
    2004, 24(3):  339-342. 
    Asbtract ( 389 )  
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    To explore the mechanisms underlying T-CMS (cytoplasmis male sterility).Four experimental lines of common wheat were studied.Two of them were the members of near isogenic lines of restorer,Rf3,namely T.aestivum cv.S165(B:rf3/rf3) and 1031-1(T:Rf3/Rf3).The other two lines were reciprocal hybrids between S165 and 1031-1,named CMS-line (T:rf3/rf3) and RC-line (B:Rf3/rf3).From the developmental genetics angle,the protein comparisons of T-cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) and fertility restoration in common wheat are carried on by means of IEF-SDS PAGE with an improved silver stain technique.The four experimental lines have the same patterns of the proteins two-dimensional electrophoresis at the post-meiosis of microspores stages,which indicates the expression of the male sterility and its fertility restoration genes has organ-special characters.
    Athyriaceae plant DNA isolation and the effects on RAPD analysis
    ZHANG Xiu-Ying, FAN Ya-Wen
    2004, 24(3):  343-346. 
    Asbtract ( 280 )   PDF (206KB) ( 174 )  
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    4 species of Athyriaceae from Mudanjiang,Heilongjiang Province have been used for the isolation of the DNA and the analysis of RAPD.In the process of testing the content of DNA templates,DNA polymerase,primers,Mg2+ and dNTP,a suitable way has been found that very useful for isolating the DNA of Pteridophyta and its RAPD analyzing.The result suggest that the new way can be a good start for RAPD analysis in the Athyriaceae genetic diversity research.
    A new efficient method for rapid in-vitro shoot regeneration on leaf explants of Poplar 741
    WU Shuang-Xiu, WU Madeline, ZU Yuan-Gang
    2004, 24(3):  347-350. 
    Asbtract ( 333 )   PDF (209KB) ( 120 )  
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    In the experiments of Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of the hybrid poplar 741,Populus alba(P.davidiana×P.simoniiP.tomentosa,we developed a rapid and efficient method of shoot regeneration from the leaf explants in-vitro on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium.The leaf explant segments was first cultured on medium I (MS medium supplemented with 0.5 mg/L of BA and 1.0 mg/L of 2,4-D) for 2~3 days and then transferred to medium SH (MS medium containing 2.0 mg/L of BA and 0.1 mg/L of NAA) to culture for 10 days.86.7% of leaf segments produced shoots after the leaf segments were transferred from medium SH to medium II (MS medium with 0.5 mg/L of BA) for 1 week.The average shooting number was 40~50 per 1 cm×1 cm of leaf segment.However,if the leaf explants incubated on medium I longer than 5 days,they produced more roots instead of shoots.
    PCA on medicinal materials of three species of Isodon based on their HPLC
    FANG Fang, LI Si-Jiao, GUAN Yan, ZHU Ge-Lei, GUO Shui-Liang
    2004, 24(3):  351-356. 
    Asbtract ( 392 )   PDF (311KB) ( 176 )  
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    The HPLC of the 21 samples of Isodon amthystoides,I.nervosa and I.macrocalyx from different regions and parts were obtained.Based on the area and time of peak,the differences of the 21 HPLC were compared by the method of Principle Component Analysis (PCA).The results showed:(1) Though there are differences among the HPLC of 8 different populations of Isodon amthystoides,I.nervosa and I.macrocalyx,the differences aren't very obvious.(2) The intraspecific differences of HPLC spectra among the populations of Isodon amthystoides were more obvious than those among the three species,which indicate that different places affect the chemical compositions and these three species could be replaced each other as Chinese medicinal drugs to some extent.(3) It is practical to apply PCA on the basis of HPLC to show the differences of plant samples.
    Ultracytochemical localization of ATPase during the fiber development in Phyllostachys edulis culm
    GAN Xiao-Hong, DING Yu-Long, YIN Zeng-Fang
    2004, 24(3):  357-360. 
    Asbtract ( 309 )   PDF (378KB) ( 152 )  
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    The ultracytochemical localization during the fiber development in the culm of Phyllostachys edulis(Carr.) H.De Lehaie was studied using a lead phosphate precipitation technique.During the primary wall formation,ATPase deposits were distributed in the membrane systems such as plasmalemma,plasmalemma invagination,transfer vesicles,plasmodesmata,and nucleus and all kinds of organelles.In the early stage of secondary wall formation,the distributions of ATPase appeared in the multivesicular bodies and collapsed tonoplast,but remained in agglutinated chromatin.During the thickening of secondary wall,the plasmalemma invagination with ATPase would persist in the fiber of four-year-old culm,but not in that of six-year-old culm.In one to six-year-old culm,ATPase would visualized in plasmalemma,transfer vesicles,pits,and plasmodesmata and agglutinated chromatin of fiber,but would increased in chromatin with the increase of agglutinated degree.These findings indicated that ATPase played a key role on the cell wall formation of fiber in Phyllostachys edulis culm,and the formation of secondary wall was a typical programmed cell death (PCD),which was an energy dependent active process and was controlled by nuclear genes.In addition,the characteristic distribution of ATPase showed that the culm fiber of Phyllostachys edulis,different from the fibers of other woody plants,was a special long-lived cell.
    The study of protein expression patterns in different parts of Polygonum sibiricum after treatment with NaHCO_3 through SDS-PAGE
    LIU Guan-Jun, WANG Da-Hai, GUO Xiao-Rui, YANG Chuan-Ping, FENG Xin, ZHANG Bo
    2004, 24(3):  361-365. 
    Asbtract ( 449 )   PDF (265KB) ( 188 )  
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    Proteins in under-ground stem,stem and leaf tissues of Polygonum sibiricum which were watered with 3% NaHCO 3 for 5 days,10 days and with tap water for control were extracted by phenol extraction method and separated and analyzed by SDS-PAGE and the related software labword version 3.0.The results show that two bands were up-regulated in the map of the under-ground tissue with the molecular weights of 34.1×103D and 25.0×103D,three bands were up-regulated in the map of the stem tissue with the molecular weights of 58.1×103D、47.8×103Dand 9.6×103D and one band was up-regulated in the map of the leaf tissue with the molecular weight of 25.0×103D.Apart from the same band at 25×103D position on the maps of the under-ground stem tissue and the leaf tissue,the bands at other positions on the maps of three parts of the plant which were up-regulated were different.The diversities of the patterns of protein expression in different parts of the plant are illuminated by the results that were gained.
    The study on dynamic of the contents of gentiopicroside and soluble sugars in under ground organs of Gentiana scabra
    GUAN Yang, WANG Chen, WANG Ye
    2004, 24(3):  366-368. 
    Asbtract ( 333 )   PDF (160KB) ( 202 )  
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    In this paper the contents of gentiopicroside and soluble sugars in under ground organs of cultivated Gentiana scabra in Bei'an and Hulan has been studied.The results indicated that the content of gentiopicroside changed with the rhythm of development.The content of gentiopicroside is higher in early June,but the water contents was also higher.So it is unsuitable to harvest in this season.To harvest in flowering and dormancy period is the best.The content of soluble sugars decreased in early June and gradually increased subsequently.It accumulated more in later development period.
    Effect of different ameliorative ways on the nutrition status of nitrogen of basification soil
    SUN Guo-Rong, PENG Yong-Zhen, YUE Zhong-Hui, YAN Xiu-Feng
    2004, 24(3):  369-373. 
    Asbtract ( 401 )   PDF (233KB) ( 157 )  
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    Based on the study of humus and enzyme activity in alkaline soil treated by different meliorative methods such as shallow plowing,phosphogypsum manuring,furfural residue,organic fertilizer,setting up manual meadow of Puccinellia tenuiflora or P.tenuiflora-Leymus chinensis and so on,the result showed that comparing shallow plowing,the content of total nitrogen,alkali-hydrolyzable nitrogen,the intensity of ammonification,nitrogen fixation,protease,urease,nitrate reductase and nitrite reductase activity increase with different degree treated by different meliorative methods.All indexes of soil nitrogen and enzyme activity increase notably with the method of shallow plowing mixing with organic fertilizer,planting of P.tenuiflora and L.chinensis.There are correlations among indexes of soil nitrogen.
    Investigation and analysis of landscape green plant species along Harbin-Acheng Highway in Heilongjiang Province
    MU Li-Qiang, LI Gui-Jun, MA Shu-Rong, ZHANG Yan-Hua, SUN Quan-Sheng
    2004, 24(3):  374-378. 
    Asbtract ( 435 )   PDF (234KB) ( 221 )  
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    Landscape green plant composition along the Harbin-Acheng Highway was investigated.All the 27 species belong to 15 families,25 genuses.2 kinds of evergreen trees,2 defoliate trees,12 shrubs,a woody vine,6 herbage flowers as well as 4 lawn and ground cover plants are included and most of them are defoliated.The investigation of plant growth and phenology situation provides basis on selecting and extending green plants.The research on wild grasses along the highway helps to cover the roadsides with lower financial plunge.
    Some ideas on the 《Botanical Gardening》
    LING Yeou-Ruenn, XIE Zhen-Hua
    2004, 24(3):  379-384. 
    Asbtract ( 337 )   PDF (292KB) ( 387 )  
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    The function and jobs of Botanical Gardens should be the ground of the research and experiment for Plant Systematics and Engineering Technology.It's included the research fields on Bio-diversity,also given the popular education of Botany,environment science and concerned with other natural and social sciences for the people,either students or tourists,and researched and exchanged for the Information Sciences.Besides,to design the gardening and to product the gardening plants both are the useful work for the BGs.Comparing BGs between China and abroad,now,it should strengthen the administration,increase the Chinese cultural sculptures in some BGs in China.Also authors consider,the purpose of plant acclimatization in BGs is for breeding and improving the varieties and cultivars of plants,do not emphasizing the technique "from seeds to seeds",because some good seedlings or nursery plants are from artificial propagation,even from "Clone".The species of Salix and Populus are difficult to get breedings from seeds,but it easy to get seedlings from asexual reproduction,and the harmful weeds,such as Eupatoriun coelesticum L.,Mikania micrantha H.B.K.and Eichhornia crassipes(C.Mart) Solms.are easy to expand the distribution areas "from seeds to seeds" without the artificial acclimatization.