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Bulletin of Botanical Research ›› 2020, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (3): 376-385.doi: 10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2020.03.008

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Evaluating Parents of Pinus koraiensis Seeds Orchard with Growth and Fruiting

ZHOU Xue-Yan1, GAO Hai-Yan2, LI Zhao-Min2, ZHAO Yin-Kun2, GE Li-Li2, HOU Qing-Wen2, DING Wen-Ya2, ZHAO Xi-Yang1   

  1. 1. State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetic and Breeding, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin 150040;
    2. Linjiang Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province, Linjiang 134600
  • Received:2019-11-19 Online:2020-05-05 Published:2020-05-29
  • Supported by:
    National Key Research and Development Program of China(2017YFD0600601)

Abstract: In order to evaluate and select the excellent breeding materials of Pinus koraiensis, the growth traits(height, diameter at breast height) and fruit traits(cone number, fresh cone weight, thousand seed weight and cone seeds weight) of 69 half-sib families in 26 and 28 years old were determined and analyzed. At different determination time, and all traits among different families reached an extremely significant difference level(P<0.01). The heritabilities of each trait was higher(0.87-0.96). The range of phenotypic variation coefficient was 6.30%(thousand seeds weight)-63.00%(cone number). The range of general combining ability of the height, diameter at breast height and cone number were(-1.77-1.83), (-9.31-8.67) and (-15.97-16.03), respectively. The correlation coefficients among growth traits showed high level(0.716-0.998), but most fruit traits and growth traits showed no significant correlation. Used the method of multi-trait comprehensive evaluation, 69 half-sib families were evaluated by growth and fruit traits, respectively. Seven families were selected by growth traits with the selection rate by 10%, the genetic gains of height, diameter at breast height were 15.66% and 35.40%, respectively. Seven families were selected according to fruit traits, the genetic gains of cone number, fresh cone weight and cone seed weight were 87.30%, 1.77% and 3.39%, respectively. The results can provide the basis and materials for the evaluation and selection of elite families.

Key words: Pinus koraiensis, growth, fruit, general combining ability, multi-trait comprehensive evaluation

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