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    15 September 2005, Volume 25 Issue 3
    Three new species in the genus Tolypothrix of Cyanophyta from Jilin Province, China
    XIAO Hong-Xing, XIU Jin
    2005, 25(3):  257-259.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.001
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    Three new species in the genus Tolypothrix of Cyanophyta from Mt. Wunv of Jilin Province are described.
    Sinojackia xylocarpa var. leshanensis (Styracaceae), a new variety from Sichuan, China
    LUO Li-Qun
    2005, 25(3):  260-261.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.002
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    Sinojackia xylocarpa var. leshanensis L. Q. Luo, a new variety of the Styracaceae from Sichuan, China, is described and illustrated.
    A new variety of Populus from China
    MA Shang-Ying, YAO De-Sheng, CHEN Xi-Cang, FAN Hui
    2005, 25(3):  262-263.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.003
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    A new variety of Populus Linn. from Gansu is reported. It is named P. hopeiensis Hu. et Chow var. pulveru lenta SH. Y. Ma, D. S. Yao et X. C. Chen.
    A new variety of Abies Mill. from Heilongjiang Province, China
    SUN Yue-Yin, YUAN Xaio-Ying
    2005, 25(3):  264-264.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.004
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    A new variety of Abies Mill. from the southeast part of Heilongjiang Province is given, i.e. Abies holophylla Maxim. var. aspericorticea Y. Y. Sun.
    Notes on three species of the genus Illicium Linn.(Illiciaceae)
    LI Chao, LIN Qi, ZHAO Jian-Cheng
    2005, 25(3):  265-267.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.005
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    Based on the study of specimens, Illicium oligandrum Merrill Chun and I. parvifolium Merrill subsp. oligandrum (Merrill Chun) Q. Lin are regarded as new synonym of I. parvifolium Merrill, I. sumatranum A. C. Smith as a new synonym of I. ridleyanum A. C. Smith, I. ternstroemioides A. C. Smith is new record to Vietnam.
    Study on the classification of Elaeagnus in Xinjiang
    HUANG Jun-Hua, Maimaitijiang
    2005, 25(3):  268-271.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.006
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    Based on the collection ways of specimen in flowering season and fructescence from same plant, taxonomic characters of the species in genus Elaeagnus L. from Xinjiang were discussed in this paper. Through comparing and classifying to the species of this genus, three species and one variety were ascertained from Xinjiang: E. oxycarpa Schlecht., E. angustifolia L., E. angustifolia var. orientalis(L.) Kuntze, E. moorcroftii Wall. ex Schlecht.. Characters of some species also were completed in this paper.
    Possible mechanism involved with isolation protoplast of leaf
    ZU Yuan-Gang, YU Jing-Hua, TANG Zhong-Hua, GUO Xiao-Rui, ZHANG Yu-Liang, MENG Qing-Huan
    2005, 25(3):  272-273.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.007
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    The process and mechanism of leaf protoplast formation after incubation to cell wall digesting solution was investigated. The acid material in the digesting solution provided the acid environment for leaves and led to the occurrence of acid degradation of cell wall, the separation between cell wall with protoplast and the escape of protoplast from cell wall into solution. The cytoplasm membrane inside the digesting solution was degraded by the acid environment and this accounted for the escape of cell nucleus and organelles from protoplast. In digesting solution, the recombination of organelles surrounding nuclear and subsequent formation of new protoplast with unanimous shape took place. These results showed that plant cell wall and cytoplasm membrane is the coat system of plant cell. The acid degradation of plant cell coat system makes recombination of cell organ and production of new protoplast possible.
    Studies on the development of gametophyte of Ceratopteris thalictroides
    DAI Xi-Ling, JIN Qin, WANG Quan-Xi
    2005, 25(3):  274-277.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.008
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    The gametophyte development of Ceratopteris thalictroides. from china is observed in this paper. The spores of Ceratopteris thalictroides are tetrahedral, trilete. The pattern of spore germination is of centripetal type. The filaments are 4~8 cells long, no apparent apex cell, all upper cells of the filaments divided simultaneously into plate. The meristem situates in the beside of plate which made prothallus into dissymmetrical cordiform. The development of prothallus is Ceratopteris-type. The prothalli, with bigger antheridium and archegonium, but without trichome, present primary characteristics.
    Observation on flower's morphological and anther's anatomy character of three Allium plants
    HAO Li-Zhen, YANG Zhong-Ren, WANG Liu-Ying, ZHAO Qing-Yan, ZHANG Feng-Lan
    2005, 25(3):  278-280.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.009
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    Allium mongolicum, Allium tenuissimum and Allium ramosum are great favor as wide vegetable in recently. Some experts paid attention to the studies on these three Allium plants, but the study on anatomy character is not reported. According to farming observation and paraffin section method the flower's morphologial and anther's anatomy character of three Allium plants are observed, the results show that the flower's morphological is obvious difference; the pollen's shape is also diversity: Allium mongolicum is semi-round, Allium tenuissimum is ovoid, Allium ramosum is long-ovoid. As for the size of pollen, Allium ramosum is the biggest, the second is Allium mongolicum, and Allium tenuissimum is the smallest. The studies indicate the anther's anatomy character of threes plants and provide further theoretical evident for Allium's classification, relationship determining and reproduction.
    SEM observation on leaf epidermis of 6 species in Pinaceae
    SHAO Lin-Xiang, ZHANG Feng-Juan
    2005, 25(3):  281-285.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.010
    Asbtract ( 758 )   PDF (1433KB) ( 1075 )  
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    The studies on the leaf epidermal characters of Podocarpus macrophyllus and 6 species belong to Pseudolarix Gord, Cedrus Trew, Pinus Linn were conducted with scanning electron microscope(SEM). Under the SEM, we can find that in all species observed, the outer surface of leaf is covered with a cuticle and epicuticular waxes. In Pseudolarix amabilis, the stoma threads are located on the adaxial epidermis of leaves, and the epidermal cells are quite different between its upper and lower epidermis. Stoma threads are located on each epidermis in Cedrus deodara, the stoma are rounded smooth cuticle. In Pinus parviflora, stoma threads are only located on the abaxial epidermis, and its stomata are stand out of the epidermis. In Pinus massoniana, Pinus thunbergii and Pinus elliottii, the stoma threads are located on both abaxial and adaxial epidermis. The results showed that there are some differences including the structure and morphology of leaf epidermis and the distribution characteristics of the stomata apparatus, they proved that the division of three genera was natural.
    Observation on pH variation during cell wall acid degradation in Camptotheca acuminata leaf under the tissue culture condition
    ZU Yuan-Gang, YU Jing-Hua, TANG Zhong-Hua, GUO Xiao-Rui, MENG Qing-Huan, ZHANG Yu-Liang
    2005, 25(3):  286-288.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.011
    Asbtract ( 496 )   PDF (266KB) ( 212 )  
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    The explant of Camptotheca acuminata leaf was observed on anatomy after cultivation of 13 day and 23 day, contrasting with normal leaf. In pH 5.8 medium, we observed that the cell wall degradation gradually arised in explants of parenchyma cell including the spongy tissue and palisade tissue in C. acuminata leaf obviously, whereas unconspicuously in epidermis. But before the tissue culture, various types of cell in normal leaf cannot be detected. Using the labeled fluorescence BCECF-AM and laser scanning microscopes mensurated the pH under 480 nm, we found the pH of parenchyma cell both in spongy tissue and palisade tissue are 5.2 in explants of C. acuminata leaf, after tissue culture 13 days and 23 days, and the pH of the epidermis is 5.7~5.8, while the average pH is 5.7 in normal leaf. This indicated the medium of pH 5.8 and the secretory acid component in parenchyma cell in C. acuminata leaf both induced the cell wall degradation.
    The study of fertilization and duration of its different phase in Lycopersicum esculentum Mill.
    WANG Qiu-Hong, SHEN Jia-Heng
    2005, 25(3):  289-297.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.012
    Asbtract ( 580 )   PDF (1309KB) ( 305 )  
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    Observe the whole process of fertilization of Lycopersicum esculentum Mill.by means of paraffin wax. The main results are as follows: (1) In 2 hours after pollination, pollen grains germinate on the tissues of the stigma. In about 2~4 hours, pollen tubes enter the stigma with enlargement of the distal portion. In about 8 hours, the genital cell comes into division cycle. After 2 hours, the genital cell divides into 2 sperm cells. (2) In about 14 hours, the pollen tube enters the ovary. In about 18~24 hours, the pollen tube enters the embryo sac and destroys one of the two synergids, releasing 2 sperms in the micropylar end. Then the 2 sperms move to the place between the egg cell and the secondary nucleus. (3) In about 30 hours after pollination, sperm nucleus enters the egg cell. In about 34 hours the egg nucleus and sperm nucleus begin fusing. In egg nucleus there is the male chromatin scattered, and then a small male nucleolus appears. In 40~50 hours, male and female nucleoli are fusing, it means the formation of zygote. The dormancy stage of zygote is about 10 hours long. In 60 hours after pollination, zygote begins dividing into 2-cell proembryo. (4) In about 26 hours after pollination, the sperm nucleus of another sperm nestles on the nucleus membranes of the secondary nucleus, and then fuses with it. In about 30~34 hours, it emerges male chromatin scattered, and a small male nucleolus appears. In about 38~42 hours after pollination male and female nucleoli are fusing, it means the formation of primary endosperm nucleus. After 44 hours, the primary endosperm nucleus begins dividing, and then forms 2 endosperm cells. Accordingly, the development of endosperm in Lycopersicum esculentum Mill. belongs to the cellular type. There is no dormancy stage in the development of primary endosperm nucleus. (5) The fusion of sperm nucleus with the polar nucleus is faster than that with the egg cell. (6) Double fertilization is the type of the Premitotic gametogamy.
    Protein changes induced by cadmium stress in three radish cultivar seedlings: a comparison using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
    FAN Bao-Li, WANG Zhen-Ying, PENG Yong-Kang
    2005, 25(3):  298-303.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.013
    Asbtract ( 526 )   PDF (691KB) ( 273 )  
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    The germination rate was decreased to 92% when seeds were treated at 0.5 mmol·L-1 Cd2+ and was progressively decreased with higher Cd2+. 83% and 67% germination rates were observed respectively at 1 mmol·L-1 and 5 mmol·L-1 Cd2+ treatment in XWY, but the lower germination rate was observed with 5 mmol·L-1 Cd2+ treatment in XYB. The germination rate was decreased to 83% only at 0.05 mmol·L-1 Cd2+ and only 58% germination rate was observed when seeds were treated at 1 mmol·L-1 and 5 mmol·L-1 Cd2+ in WQ. The effects of Cd2+ on seedling growth were observed in three radish cultivars. Seedling growth damage was much more serious with higher Cd2+ concentration. WQ is the most sensitive to Cd2+ treatment according to the experiment results which were obtained by testing germination rate and seedling growth in three radish cultivars. 5 protein spots were disappeared and 15 new protein spots were induced in XWY seedling which were treated by 0.1 mmol·L-1 Cd2+, 2 protein spots were disappeared and 1 protein spot was decreased in content, 13 new protein spots were induced in XYB, 12 new protein spots were induced in WQ. A close positive relationship was observed between protein spots change and inhibited seedling growth in the three radish cultivars which were treated by 0.1 mmol·L-1Cd2+. It may be important for understanding biochemical mechanism of Cd2+ damage.
    Spray Camptothecin impact the stomatal movement of leaves of plant
    YU Jing-Hua, LIU Shi-Gang, ZU Yuan-Gang
    2005, 25(3):  304-306.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.014
    Asbtract ( 781 )   PDF (176KB) ( 258 )  
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    Some researchers suggested that the microtubule has an important effect on stomatal movement. The K+ channel activity of cytoplasmic membrane of guard cell was dependent on polymerization and depolymerization mobile changed of microtubule. Microtubule system may control stomatal movement induced by regulating the K+ channel of guard cell. Microtubule dispolymeric leads to the K+ channel closed. Guard cell could not absorb water so that it will inhibit stomata open. Some scholars regarded that Camptothecin(CPT) and its analogue could associate with microtubule, reduce the structure stability of microtubule. The mechanism maybe inhibit high molecule weight microtubule associated protein to associate with microtubule. But we were short of the deep proofs of studying the ecological biochemistry function of CPT; we were spraying 0.011 5 mmol·L-1 CPT solution on leaves and used 10% PEG8000 solution to stimulate drought stress. The research results indicated that sprayed 0.011 5 mmol·L-1 CPT solution and 10% PEG8000 could induce Camptotheca acuminata and Nicotiana tabacum seedlings stomatal to close. We suggested that CPT could associate with microtubule, induce stomatal movement.
    Methods of maceration and microscopical analysis on cuticle
    MA Qing-Wen, ZHANG Xiu-Sheng, LI Feng-Lan
    2005, 25(3):  307-310.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.015
    Asbtract ( 772 )   PDF (184KB) ( 748 )  
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    Cuticles are usually very resistant and can be isolated from the fossil specimens. Several methods of maceration can be applied in preparation of fossil cuticles. Maceration in Schulze's reagent is the most common procedure and it is the most critical step in the methods. The cuticles may be destroyed by strong maceration solution with longer time. The use of microscopy of phase-contrast is very useful for very thin cuticles as it shows greater contrast.The use of differential-interference is better than use of microscopy of phase-contrast for these thin cuticles, for it enhances the relief and makes fine structures visible. Fluorescence microscopy has the advantage that no maceration procedure is necessary and so the specimens are not damaged. Scanning electron microscopy is an essential and supplementary method in the analysis of cuticles for it produces high resolution, scientifically informative, three-dimensional images.
    Study on adaptability of physiological ecology of Quercus liaotungensis seedlings under soil drought
    WANG Hai-Zhen, LIANG Zong-Suo, HAN Rui-Lian, HAN Lu
    2005, 25(3):  311-316.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.016
    Asbtract ( 425 )   PDF (290KB) ( 356 )  
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    Using Quercus liaotungensis as experiment material and pot culture experiments simulating different soil drought, its physiological ecology response under soil drought were studied. The results showed that its consumption water was obvious descended and ahead of peak of consumption water with soil water decreasing. Peak feature of consumption water changed from single to double under severe soil drought. Its leaf potential changed slowly early stress and descended rapidly later. Especially, model of leaf potential was "M" under severe stress. Leaf water content wasn't sensible to soil water content. Water holding ability had slightly increased under media drought. It was a low transpiration tree and average transpiration rate 2.98 μg·cm-2·s-1.Diurnal change of transpiration rate was different in different season. Diurnal change of transpiration rate was double peak curve under normal water and single peak curve under media drought and maintained low level or up and down change under severe drought in August. Transpiration rate decreased 50% in September and had obvious single and double peak. Simple correlation of transpiration rate and environmental factors was analyzed to show that photosynthetic radiation had significant effected on transpiration rate under normal and media drought and air temperature had obvious effected on transpiration rate under severe drought. Transpiration rate ascended under media drought and rapidly descended under severe drought and photosynthesis rate, WUE, carboxylation efficiency decreased with soil water decreasing. Root/Shoot increased and growth of shoot andWUE1 decreased. WUE2 ascended under media drought and descended under severe drought. Its seeding had weak resistance to high temperature and intensive radiation which decreased photosynthesis rate and transpiration rate and physiological activity had significant decreased under severe drought especially.
    The influence of nitrate reductase and soluble protein on the provenance growth of Quercus mongolica
    ZHANG Jie, ZHOU Xue-Zhong, YANG Chuan-Ping, WANG Hong, WANG Chun-Lei, ZHANG Gui-Qin
    2005, 25(3):  317-321.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.017
    Asbtract ( 500 )   PDF (311KB) ( 915 )  
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    The influence of nitrate reductase and soluble protein content on provenance growth of Quercus mongolica was investigated. The result shows that growth characteristics, nitrate reductase activity and soluble protein content have significant differences among the samples, the provenances of Suiyang possess the biggest value. Meanwhile, nitrate reductase activity and soluble protein content of different provenances vary with the seasons obviously. They have maximum values in June, which coincide with the fastest growth velocity. There is prominently positive correlation between the growth characteristics and the two physiological and biochemical factors,The provenances with stronger growth potential have higher nitrate reductase activity and more protein content. This investigation has provided fundamental information of predicting the growth state of Quercus mongolica.
    Development of ovule and relation between embryo and endosperm developments of Betula platyphylla
    LIU Xue-Mei, YANG Chuan-Ping, GENG Feng
    2005, 25(3):  322-326.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.018
    Asbtract ( 532 )   PDF (662KB) ( 465 )  
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    The development processes of ovule and endosperm, and the relation of embryo and endosperm developments in sexual reproduction for the female inflorescence of thirty-year-old Betula platyphylla were studied. The results showed that the flower of B. platyphylla is syncarpous gynoecium, with 2 styles. The ovary has 2 locules, with 1, 2 ovules or absence of each locule, which is axile placenta, anatropous, unintegmic, and crassinucellate. Suspensor is shorter and consists of 3 cells. From macrogamephyte formation, and embryonal development to the autumn in four months, the ovule undergoes the change of morphological structure and adaptation. At the same time, endosperm plays a main advancing role in the embryonal development, which is nuclear type. And then, the anatomical structures of embryo and endosperm developments, their interrelation, and the each factor of influencing the quality of seed were studied and discussed.
    Light microscopic observation of acid degradation on cell coat system of Arabidopsis thaliana leaves
    ZU Yuan-Gang, YU Jing-Hua, GUO Xiao-Rui, TANG Zhong-Hua, ZHANG Yu-Liang, MENG Qing-Huan
    2005, 25(3):  327-331.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.019
    Asbtract ( 513 )   PDF (389KB) ( 218 )  
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    This article mainly focuses on the degradation course of enzymatic reaction of cell coat system including cell wall and cytoplasma membrane of the Arabidopsis thaliana leaves under acid conditions. Under light microscopic observation, the cell walls of the leaves of A. thaliana which is under the acid condition are intact and arranged in order at first, thereafter the cell wall begins to degrade partly, and the cells tend to disordered state gradually, afterwards the cell walls are totally degraded. Protoplasts isolated by enzyme digestion totally enter the free state, and accompanied by the degradation of the cytoplasma membrane of the free protoplasts, having overflowed, the organelle surround the nucleus, and thus a new protoplast is reconstituted. We further observed the change of pH in the cell in this course. The result indicated that the cell tended to the pH value decrease during the course of the acid enzymatic degradation, and the pH of the protoplast reconstituted from the organelle came back to its normal level. In conclusion, the acid environment had an important effect on the degradation of the cell coat system of A. thaliana leaves.
    The variation regularity on seedling growth of Phellodendron amurense in different germplasm resources and families
    LI Gui-Jun, LIU Hong-Yan, YUAN Gui-Hua, ZHANG Han-Guo
    2005, 25(3):  332-335.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.020
    Asbtract ( 432 )   PDF (180KB) ( 234 )  
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    The height growth variation of Phellodendron amurense was analyzed. The studied materials are two years old seedlings in Qing Mountain forestry center of Linkou county. The study shows that there are rich variations within the different germplasm resources. The variation parameter fluctuates among germplasm resources is from 20.10%~31.2%. The height growth of the different germplasm resources reaches the extreme marked level, the height in the germplasm resources of Xinglong, Fangzheng and Yingchun are the fastest, medium in Qingshan and Weihe, and the lowest in Jiayin germplasm resources. The height growth of the Xinglong germplasm resources is faster 56.5% than that of Jiayin. There are rich variations within the Xinglong germplasm resources, the variation coefficient is 14.4%~23.4%, the average value is 18.6%. The differences between seedling height of families reach the extreme marked level. There are rich variations within the Jiayin germplasm resources and families. the variation coefficient is 12.7%~31.0%, the average value is 21.9%. The differences between seedling height growth of families reach reach the extreme marked level. The three families is faster 56.6% than the lower families in the height growth. Jia-6 is faster 75.4% than Jia-11.
    A study on the spatial distribution and quantative characteristic of Populus euphratica and Populis pruinosa fruits
    LIU Jian-Ping, ZHOU Zheng-Li, LI Zhi-Jun, GONG Wei-Jiang, Gao Shan, YU Jun
    2005, 25(3):  336-344.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.021
    Asbtract ( 642 )   PDF (545KB) ( 398 )  
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    The spatial distribution and quantitative characteristic of Populus euphratica and Populus pruinosa fruits from different inhabited environment were studied. The results showed that the number of fructification was allocated to different crown according to definite percentage, the percentage order was upper > middle > lower and south > north, but there weren't significant differences among quantity of seed per fruit in upper, middle and lower parts of crown from different populations. Compared Populus euphratica with Populus pruinosa, Per fruit weight, thousand kernel weight, quantity of seed per fruit, quantity of seed per tree of Populus euphratica were 2.68, 1.33, 2.14 and 1.28 times than that of Populus pruinosa, respectively. However, the number of fructification per individual tree of Populus euphratica was 1.59 times than that of Populus pruinosa. Compared to different population from the same specie, whether Populus euphratica or Populus pruinosa were all significant differences among number of fructification per individual plant and fruit per fructification. In addition, per fruit weight and quantity of seed per fruit were not significant differences in different population of Populus euphratica, and that of Populus pruinosa was contrary. This indicated that Populus euphratica was higher than Populus pruinosa in matter and energy investing to progeny, and its reproduction strategy was the bigger quantity of seed per fruit insure definite quantity of seed per tree. But the quantity of seed per tree of Populus pruinosa was insured by the number of fructification per tree, and its potential occupied space niche was higher than that of Populus euphratica.
    Study on photosynthetic capacity and leaf nitrogen content of main secondary forest-forming species in Heilongjiang Province
    FAN Jing, ZHANG Yu-Hong
    2005, 25(3):  345-347.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.022
    Asbtract ( 570 )   PDF (194KB) ( 323 )  
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    In the natural environment, the photosynthetic rate were studied and the relationships between the photosynthetic capacity and N content in the leaf were analyzed in 6 main secondary forest-forming species of Heilongjiang Province (Quercus mongolica, Betula platyphylla, Populus davidiana, Fraxinus mandshurica, Juglans mandshurica, phellodendron amurense). The results showed that the seasonal changes of the photosynthetic capacity were obvious while the photosynthetic rate potential in the 6 species were different. In growing period, the photosynthetic capacity of Juglans mandshurica was the greatest, annual average photosynthetic capacity of Betula platyphylla was the greatest, and the photosynthetic potential of Quercus mongolica was the greatest. Significant linear relationship (r=0.97) between the photosynthetic capacity and leaf nitrogen content was observed in Quercus mongolica, while conic relationships(r=0.61,r=0.51) between the photosynthetic capacity and leaf nitrogen were observed in Fraxinus mandshurica and Betula platyphylla.
    A study of several root-promoted methods of preplanting Vetiveria zizanioides
    HAN Lu, ZHANG Xiao-Ping, LIU Bi-Rong, XU Di-Lou
    2005, 25(3):  348-350.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.023
    Asbtract ( 558 )   PDF (157KB) ( 304 )  
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    To reveal what is the effect of root-promoted methods on the survival rate and growth of Vetiveria zizanioides L., five root-promoted methods, namely: immersing, mudding, water-cultured, sand-cultured and rice shell-cultured, were taken to treat Vetiveria zizanioides before planted. Two conditions of water without cl element and 25 mg/L IAA were given respectively. The seedlings of the preplanted Vetiveria zizanioides were treated, and the comparative experiments with those untreated were conducted. It is showed that: each method can improve the survival rate and everyday growth height of the seedlings effectively, especially with IAA; IAA can improve the arising and growth of the new roots, and the effect of the method of mudding roots with IAA is finer; Observing the growth condition of the planted seedlings, the effect of IAA is even more evident, and mudding roots with IAA is the most effective. To sum up, it is necessary to promote roots of the seedlings before planting them, and the method of mudding roots with IAA is the most effective and convenient.
    Composition and characteristics of spermatophyta flora of Qimen Region in Anhui Province
    ZHANG Guang-Fu, QIAN Shi-Xin
    2005, 25(3):  351-357.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.024
    Asbtract ( 624 )   PDF (283KB) ( 371 )  
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    According to investigation, there are 1 822 wild species(including subspecies, varieties, forms) in 731 genera of 147 families in Qimen region, located in the south of Anhui Province. The spermatophyta flora of Qimen is rich, and 17 of these species are the rare and endangered plants protected by law in China. Lardizabalaceae, Actinidiaceae, Hamamelidaceae, Ulmaceae, and so on are the dominant families which are subtropical and temperate-distributed. Based on their geographical distribution, 147 families are classified into 11 areal-types among which Pan-tropical element is dominant (51.9%). 731 genera are classified into 14 areal-types among which north temperate element is dominant (20.5%), and the temperate elements make up 55.6%. 1 822 species are classified into 13 areal-types among which Endemic to China element is dominant (50.8%), and the temperate elements make up 33.1%. Therefore, this flora is temperate in nature, and the geographical elements are complex. In addition, the origin of Qimen flora is ancient; its endemism and vicarious phenomenon are relatively marked.
    A study on the fern flora of Shimentai Natural Reserve, Guangdong, China
    2005, 25(3):  358-365.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.025
    Asbtract ( 576 )   PDF (342KB) ( 501 )  
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    Based on our survey and specimen examination, 293 ferns in 96 genera and 47 families are recorded in Shimentai Natural Reserve, Guangdong, China. A detailed floristic analysis shows: (1) The tropical and subtropical families are dominant (31 families), which constitute 66.0% of the total families, and the non-tropial familes(16 families) constitute 34.4% of total families. (2) The percentages of the tropic-subtropic, cosmopolitan and temperate genera in fern flora of Shimentai natural reserve are 66.7%, 26.4% and 7.3%, respectively. The pantropical genera (25.0%) and the tropical Asia genera (19.8%) are the most important types. The above distribution pattern reveals the transitiveness of the elements from tropical to subtropical. (3) The percentages of the tropic-subtropic, temperate, endemic to China, cosmopolitan and endemic to zone species in fern flora of this reserve are 47.4%, 34.1%, 13.7%, 3.8% and 1.0%, respectively. So it is very different from the analysis of the genera's distribution. And the floras are being in transitiving. (4) In the 5 areas, the genetic relationship of Shimentai Nature Reservation's ferns are intimate to HongKong's (70.4/82.8: Kjaccard/Krober), and are distant to Longqishan(58.7/74.9). Originally, the ferns of Shimentai Nature Reservation are ancient. And Shimentai area lies in the interface of south Asia subtropical and middle Asia subtropical floristic area.
    A floristic analysis of the seed plants in the middle-south area of east slope of Taihang Mountains
    2005, 25(3):  366-372.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.026
    Asbtract ( 472 )   PDF (283KB) ( 416 )  
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    There are 942 species seed plants belong to 464 genera in 106 families in the middle-south area of east slope of Taihang Mountains. Based on the statistics and analysis the results were as follows: (1)It is needy in number of seed plants which include 2 families, 4 genera and 5 species of gymnosperms; 16 families, 88 genera and 173 species of monocotyledon; 88 families, 372 genera and 764 species of dicotyledon. (2)There are 15 areal-types of genera of seed plants and 12 subtype in this region. It has 73.25% of various temperate areal-types and 23.75% of tropical elements. So that, analysis shows that the temperate floristic elements are predominant in this area. (3)There are large proportion of archaic, relic and primitive plants in this area. This result shows clearly the ancient nature of this flora. (4)There are 12 genera Chinese endemic genera of seed plants and 11 species rare endangered plant. These analysis results showed that this region is an important composition of North China Region plant flora.
    Determination of Schisandrin B in fruits of Schisandra chinensis with high performance liquid chromagraphy(HPLC)
    2005, 25(3):  373-375.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.027
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    Content of schisandrin B in fruits of Schisandra chinensis was determined with HPLC, the detective wavelength was 254 nm, the R2 of standard curve was 0.990 7 and the relative standard deviation was 0.48% with the average recovery of 99.14%. The result showed that the rate of veracity of this method was high and this provided the determination of schisandrin B of pharmacognostic and finished products a feasible method.
    A study on Castanopsis fargesii forest classification in Guangxi
    2005, 25(3):  376-384.  doi:10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2005.03.028
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    Evergreen broadleaved forest dominated by Castanopsis fargesii is widely distributed in red and yellow soils on the hills and mountains of eastern central subtropics below 700 m above sea level in Guangxi, it is a most representative zonal community type of this region, and it also fragmentally occurs in some mountainous areas of south subtropics and north tropics. Frequent 13 Associations in Guangxi are described in this paper, simple illustration of their geographical distribution, habitat property and species composition is given. All of these materials may be used for basis of their conservation and scientific management.