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Bulletin of Botanical Research ›› 2016, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (2): 305-309.doi: 10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2016.02.021

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Age Variations in Productivity and Family Selection of Open-Pollinated Families of Korean Pine(Pinus koraiensis)

ZHANG Zhen;ZHANG Han-Guo*;ZHANG Lei   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding,Northeast Forestry University,Herbin 150040
  • Online:2016-03-15 Published:2016-05-20

Abstract: With 79 open-pollinated families of Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis) collected from plus trees of Qingshan seed orchard, we tested the growth capability of 21, 25 and 27 years at Weihe Forestry Bureau of Shangzhi City, in Heilongjiang Province. The volume of wood of growth capability was the biggest at half rotation period. Coefficient of variation was the biggest in volume of wood and the averages of coefficient of variation were 13.12%, 22.39% and 46.34% in height, diameter at breast height and volume of wood for three phases of old, respectively. The results showed highly significant family effects for growth capability at 21, 25 and 27 years. The genetic variations were under middle-level genetic control, the family heritability all was apparently higher than individual heritability for three phases of old. We selected 16 superior families and 17 superior individuals according to the volume and 20% rate of selection. The averages in the volume of superior families were 0.036 8, 0.048 6 and 0.061 6 m3 for three phases, respectively, and all were 28.67%, 15.02% and 14.07% more than that of CK, respectively. The genetic gain for individual volume were in 20.25%, 34.37% in 17 superior individuals.

Key words: Pinus koraiensis, open-pollination, genetic variations, family selection