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Author's Self-proofreading Notice


    A notice of the manuscript checked by authors

    Your paper will be published and we send the proof sheet to you, you must check up it in detail and directly revise with red pen on the proof sheet, and return as soon as possible. Please revise the paper according to the following requests:

    1. You should correct the printer’s error. Such as wrongly written and data, symbol in equation, capital and lower-case, italic (variable, Latin names of genus and species), boldface (heading number, table title), superscripts, legend of table, and data in tables. The references are arranged based on the order cited in the text by Arabic numerals with the superscript. The terms of reference should be complete (Journal comprises volume number, issue number, and page number; books should comprise the publisher and place of publication).

    2. You should correct the errors of politics and technicality.

    3. The author’s brief introduction should be provided in the subscript of the first page. The expenditure source should be provided in project introduction.

    4. If without mentioned above, you don’t change the words at random. Particularly, if the proof sheet revised by author cannot absolutely correct the above questions, the manuscript won’t be published on current issue. Please sign your mobile phone, office and home telephone numbers, E-mail on the first page for contact in time.  

    Thank you for your cooperation. 

    Sincerely yours


     Editorial Board of Bulletin of Botanical Research



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