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Paper Choosing Requirements




    Format for Accepted Manuscripts of BBR

    1. All legends in tables and illustrations should be without textbox. The plate should match the print area of 18 cm×14 cm, photograph must be of high qualify and high contrast. 

    2. Genus and species names and words to be emphasized should be typed in italic script. Latin description of new species must be exact.

    3. The International System of Units should be used wherever possible, composite unit should be expressed with the format of negative exponent.

    4. The brief introduction of author should be placed on the underside of the title page. If the manuscript is supported by project, name and source of the project should be provided.

    5. Literature citations should be by the literature order cited in the text, shown the sequence number by the symbol “ ” on the top right corner. References at the end of the paper should be listed in the numerical order cited in the text.

    name and initial(s) of all authors; title; place of publication; publisher; year;


    Peebles P Z, Jr. Probability, random variable, and random signal principles [M].4th ed.New York: McGraw Hill, 2001.

    *Single contributions in a book:
    name(s) and initial(s) of all authors; title of article; editor(s); title of book; edition; volume number; place of publication; publisher; year; page numbers

    WEINSTEIN LSWERTZ M N. Pathogenic properties of invading microorganism //SODEMAN W A, Jr., SODEMAN W A. Pathologic physiology: mechanisms of disease. Philadephia: Saunders, 1974: 745-772.

    *Journal papers: name(s) and initial(s) of all authors; full title; journal title (abbreviated in accordance with international practice); year; volume number; first and last page numbers


    Des Marais D J, Strauss H, Summons R E, et al. Carbon isotope evidence for the stepwise oxidation of the Proterozoic environment [J]. Nature, 1992, 359: 605-609.


    Name(s) and initial(s) of all authors; title of patent; country of patent granted, patent number; date of patent granted.

    KOSEKI A, MOMOSE H, KAWAHITO M, et al. Compiler: US, 828402[P/OL].2002-05-25[202-05-28]. http://FF&P=1&u=netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html&r=5&f=G71=50&col=AND&d=PG01&sl=IBM.AS.&0S=AN/IBM&RS=AN/IBM.


    *Electronic contributions:

    Example: Online Computer Library Center, Inc. History of OCLC [EB/OL]. [2000-01-08]. http://www.oclc.org/about/history/default.htm.


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