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    Bulletin of Botanical Research 2004 Vol.24
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    Book Review on The plants on the Changbaishan Massif of China
    ZU Yuan-Gang
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 1-1.  
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    A new species of Magnolia(Magnoliaceae)from Guangxi, China
    ZENG Qing-Wen, LAW Yuh-Wu
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 2-3.  
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    A new species of the genus Magnolia L.(Magnoliaceae), M.mulunica Law et Q.W.Zeng, from Guangxi, China is described.
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    A new form of the genus Hedysarum from Qinghai Province, China
    WU Yu-Hu
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 4-4.  
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    A new form of Hedysarum was descripbed.
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    A new combination of Caragana(Fabaceae)from China
    ZHANG Ming-Li, ZHU Guang-Hua
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 5-6.  
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    Caragana korshinskii var. intermedia, has taxonomical relation to C.korshinskii and C.microphylla.But a long time there are many confusedly and not available names to them. C.korshinskii Kom.var. intermedia (Kuang et H.C.Fu)M.L.Zhang & G.H.Zhu is proposed in this paper.
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    The research on classification and geographical distribution of Lomatogonium in Inner Mongolia
    ZHAO Yi-Zhi
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 7-8.  
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    It's confirmed in this paper there have been 3 species and 1 variety of Lomatogonium in Inner Mongolia;among them 1 new variety ( L.rotatum (L.)Fries ex Fern.var. aurantiacumY.Z.Zhao)and 1 new combination of species ( L.floribundum(Franch.)Y.Z.Zhao)are discovered;the new key of species of Lomatogonium in Inner Mongolia was compiled;the floristic geographical elements of the 3 species was defined.
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    A Synopsis of the Magnoliaceae in Jiangxi Province
    LIN Xin-Chun, YU Zhi-Xiong
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 9-15.  
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    Authors present, there are 7 genera, 22 species and 1 subspecies, in which 3 species are endemic and 5 species are new recorded, of Magnoliaceae in Jiangxi Province.Their geographical distribution are reported and their specimens for certification are cited.In addition, the keys to the genus and species are provided.
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    Notes on Cyperaceae of China
    ZHANG Shu-Ren
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 16-17.  
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    Kobresia woodii Noltie (Cyperaceae), occurring in S Xizang (Tibet), are reported as a new distribution record to China. K.pseuduncinoides Noltie, which occurs in SE Xizang and has not been included in Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae, should be added to Chinese Cyperaceae.
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    A taxonomic revision of Rinorea and Scyphellandra(Violaceae)
    XING Fu-Wu, QIN Xin-Sheng
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 18-19.  
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    Some taxonomical revision of Rinorea and Scyphellandra (Violaceae)are treated, mainly based on examining specimens in the Herbarium of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and the Herbarium of South China Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences(IBSC)by the author in 2000. Scyphellandra pierrei H. de Boiss.is a new synonym of Scyphellandra virgata Thw., and Rinorea longiraumosa (Kurz.)Craib is a new synonym of R.sessilis (Lour.)O.Ktze.The specimens cited from the Herbarium of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew are noted behind them, and the others are preserved in IBSC.
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    Outline of the classified system of the Chinese Leguminosae
    ZHU Xiang-Yun
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 20-27.  
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    The family Leguminosae (Fabaceae), the largest one of flowering plants after the Compositae (or Asteraceae)and Orchidaceae, consist of three subfamilies such as Caesalpinioideae, Mimosoideae and Papilionoideae.It comprises 42 tribes, 635 genera and 17 840 species in the world based on the present up-to-date statistic.In China, there are 33 tribes, 169 genera, 1 518 species, 15 subspecies, 167 varieties and 41 forms recorded so far.Of them, 158 exotic species (containing subspecies and varieties)are included, which belong to the 73 genera [1].For constituting a database of Chinese Legume, the outline for classified system of Chinese Leguminosae is summarized here.This paper aims to indicate the system of Chinese Leguminosae with some new taxonomical treatment (the tribes Wisterieae X.Y.Zhu [2] and Poiretieae (Burkart)H.Ohashi [3])based on the previous system proposed by Polhill & Raven [4] & Polhill [5].The number of species and geographical distribution for each genus [3, 4, 6] is shown in this paper.Of them, black letters and numbers stand for the genera and species appearing in China [6~12].
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    A study on the flora of seed plants in Baiyun Mountain of Lishui
    MEI Xiao-Man
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 28-34.  
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    Baiyun Mountain is located in Lishui of Zhejiang Province.The natural vegetation of Baiyun Mountain is well preserved.Baiyun Mountain is rich in plant species, according to statistics, there are 831 species (including varieties)of plant have been discovered, belong to 421 genera and 117 families.21 families belonging 233 genera and 498 species which have formed the majority of the plant flora in BaiyunMountain.The origin of flora in Baiyunshan is very ancient, hence a large number of ancient and original species are well preserved, regional Monotypic genera and Oligotypic genera amounts to 405 in number, which constitutes 96.2% of total number of genera.The area is rich in rare and endangered plants.The geographical components in BaiyunMountain are various, 421 genera of the regional seed plant can be roughly divided into 14 areal types and 13 areal subtypes.The majority of plant flora is of temperate zone.This area is at the edge oftropical zone, which is quite near to the subtropical zone and temperate zone.
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    Studied on the pteridophytes resources in Jinggangshan Nature Reserve
    XIAO Yi-An, HE Ping, LI Xiao-Hong, SHI Ming-Zhi, HU Wen-Hai
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 35-40.  
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    On the basic of field investigations and referring to related data, the flora of pteridophytes in Jinggangshan Nature Reserve was studied in this paper.The results indicate:1)The pteridophytes species is rich in this Nature Reserve, with 304 species of pteridophytes of 101 genera in 44 families;2)Results of statistic analysis reveals that, in this flora, the dominant families are these:Dryopteridaceae, Polypodiaceae, Athyriaceae and Thelypteridaceae;The dominant genera are these: Dryopteris, Asplenium, Arachniodes, Peris and Phanerophlebiopsis;3)The areal-types of family are 7, which are all tropic elements.Among these elements, the pan-tropical ones, tropic-Asia & tropical-African and tropical-Asia ones are the main ones, they each occupy 66. 67%、12.12%and 12.12%of the total families;4)The flora of genera with compound floristic elements.There are 14 areal-types, among these elements, the tropical ones among which the pan-tropic and tropical-Asia ones are the main ones, occupy 68.54%of the total and the temperate ones whose key elements are the North Temperate and Eastern-Asia ones occupy 25.84%.In terms of the floristic zone, the flora in Jinggangshan is a transitional type between the East-China and South-China areas;5)The results got through the methods of clustering and PCA between this flora and that in some others indicate:The flora here shows a close relation with those of Lushan, Wuyishan and Tianmushan;6)The pteridophytes resources in Jinggangshan have upper exploitation and using value.They can be divided to 5 types, including directions plants, medicine plants, edible plants, view and admire plants, and industry plants.
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    Study on indication and accumulation of Thuidium cymbifolium to lead and cadmium pollution
    WEI Hai-Ying, FANG Yan-Ming, YIN Zeng-Fang, WANG Zhong-Sheng
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 41-44.  
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    Cultivated in different lead and cadmium solution for 15 days, T.cymbifolium showed different poisonous symptoms.The main appearance was losing green, even died in higher stress concentration.At the same time, we measured the accumulation of lead and cadmium inmosses, the results showed:this moss had strong absorbing ability to lead and cadmium, especially to lead.The contents of lead and cadmium increased with the increasing of stress concentration.In joint pollution, the contents were higher than those of single pollution, the relationship of lead and cadmium appeared synergistic.
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    The relationships between stomata behaviors of Adenophora lobophylla and A.ptaninii and transpiration
    MA Shu-Rong, LI Hai-Ying, ZU Yuan-Gang
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 45-48.  
    Abstract249)      PDF(pc) (207KB)(173)       Save
    The transpiration rates of A.lobophylla and A.potaninii under different shape level were tested by use the LI-6400 convenient photosynthesis analysis instrument.In the meanwhile, the stomata behaviors such as stomatal size, stomatal density, stomatal open and stomatal conductivity were tested.By using the methods of path coefficient analysis and correlation coefficients, the relationships between stomata behaviors and transpiration of A.lobophylla and A.potaninii under different shape level were analyed.The results showed that there was roughly same influence on transpiration of A.lobophylla and A.potaninii by stomatal behaviors under different shape level.There was bigger inf luence on transpiration rare by stomata density of these two plants.There were significent correlations between stomata conductivity and transpiration of A. potaninii/i>.
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    The effect on phosphorous nutrition in alkali soil by different ameliorative ways
    YUE Zhong-Hui, JIN Jian-Li, SUN Guo-Rong
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 49-52.  
    Abstract278)      PDF(pc) (187KB)(196)       Save
    Based on the study of phosphorous nutrition in alkali soil treated by different ameliorative ways such as shallow ploughing, manuring phosphogypsum, furfural residue, organic fertilizer, constructing manual meadow of Puccinellia tenuiflora or P.tenuiflora-Leymus chinensis and so on, the result show that the content of total phosphorous, effective phosphorous, organic phosphorous, inorganic phosphorous and phosphatase activity increase with different degree treated by different ameliorative ways.Comparing shallow ploughing, all indexes of soil phosphorous increase notably with the treatment of shallow ploughing mixing organic fertilizer, P.tenuiflora and L.chinensis.There are correlations among indexes of soil phosphorus.
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    The quantitative relation of intraspecific and interspecific competition in endangered plant Heptacodium miconioides
    JIN Ze-Xin, ZHANG Wen-Biao
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 53-58.  
    Abstract275)      PDF(pc) (259KB)(441)       Save
    Heptacodium miconioides is a Chinese special monospermous plant under state Grade-Ⅱ protection and now the wild resource was few.Using Hegyi individual tree competition index model, the relation of intraspecific and interspecific competition in Heptacodium miconioides distributed at Tiantai mountain of Zhejiang Province was quantitatively analyzed.The results showed that the intraspecific competition intensity in Heptacodium miconioides decreased gradually with the increasing of forest tree diameter class and the interspecific competition in Heptacodium miconioides was stronger than those in associated tree species.The degressive order of the intraspecific and interspecific competition intensity in Heptacodium miconioides was interspecific competition, Fraximus insulsris, Lindera rubronewia, Cyclocarya paliurus, Acer davidii, Meliosma veitchiorum, Prumus vaniotii, Crytomeria fortunei and Alniphylium fortunei.The relationship between the competition intensity and the diameter at breast height of objective tree obeyed power function.The intraspecific and interspecific competition intensity in Heptacodium miconioides could be prognosticated using the model. The predicated results showed that the competition intensity became small and the range was not too large when the diameter at breast height of Heptacodium miconioides reached 20 cm.
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    Fertilization effects of N、P on a grass community at the dryvalley of Jinsha River
    ZHANG Yan-Dong, SHEN You-Xin, LIU Wen-Yao
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 59-64.  
    Abstract295)      PDF(pc) (269KB)(191)       Save
    At the dry valley along Jingsha River, a highly degraded grass community was selected to determine the effect of N、P fertilization on community dynamics.After one growing season of N and P application, the results showed that the above ground biomass and species density increased except the one with the highest P (20 g& #183;a -1& #183;m -2)treatment, and the increases caused by N applications were greater than that of P applications, therefore N was the limiting factors for the restoration of community.After the treatment, the density of Gramineae species increased sharply, but that of tree and shrub species did not increase significantly, so we can conclude that the community has become Gramineae dominant within the short term.Both N and P treatment did not caused significant changes in species type and diversity.Up to the end of treatment, NH4 +、NO3 - and available P in the soil did not increase with the application of N、P, but the content of N and P in the biomass increased。
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    Analysis on the flora of seed plants alongside Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project, Shanxi
    LIU Li-Yan, ZHANG Feng, ZHANG Wan-Rong
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 65-70.  
    Abstract197)      PDF(pc) (416KB)(181)       Save
    ShanxiWanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project (YRDP)is a large diversion project from Wanjiazhai, Pianguan to Huyan, Taiyuan, and its length is about 285.03 km totally.It plays an important role in solving the problem of the absence of water resource in Taiyuan and Datong.There are 1 040 species of seed plants alongside YRDP that is a transect 285.03& #215;1 km2, belonging to 422 genera and 100 families, among which gymnosperms have 3 families, 5 genera and 9 species, and angiosperms have 97 families, 417 genera and 1 031 species.The angiosperms are composed of dicotyledon and monocotyledon, having 79 families, 321 genera and 793 species, and 18 families, 96 genera and 238 species, respectively.The flora of genera has some typical characteristics of warm-temperate flora.Among them, temperate distribution elements, having 246 genera and accounting for 58.29% in total genera, hold a significant dominant position.Moreover, among the floristic elements of species, endemic to China has 311 species, accounting for 29.90% in the total, and makes evidently dominant, and they are the major elements of the edificatos and dominant species of dominant vegetation types, such as Picea vilsonii, Larix principis-rupprechtii, Pinus tabulaeformis, Populus simonii, Populus cathayana, Salix babylonica and Ulmus glaucesens.
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    A method of calculating osmotic water potential ( ψ tlp) at turgor loss point in PV curve
    LI Hong-Jian, DI Xiao-Yan, CHEN Jian-Wen, WANG Meng-Ben
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 71-75.  
    Abstract318)      PDF(pc) (212KB)(229)       Save
    Taking Hibiscus Rose-sinensis as an example and using SigmaPlot (Demo)for windows software, the authors introduce a method of precisely calculating the osmotic potential at turgor loss point ( ψ tlp)in PV curve, with which other water parameters, such as relative water content at turgor loss point ( RWCtlp)and relative osmoticwater content at turgor loss point (ROWCtlp), can be calculated exactly.Firstly, two scatter curves are plotted respectively with SigmaPlot Graph Wizard, then the two curves are fitted respectively with hyperbolic and linear patterns and regression coefficients are got.Finally, using the coefficients the authors calculate the ψtlp, RWCtlp and ROWCtlp and make a comparison between the results and those of linear regression method.The method presented is simple and convenient to use.
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    Influence of several plant growth substance on propagation of GGB of Cymbidium grandiflorum
    XU Da-Cheng, LIOU Xiao-Yan, CAO Wei, XU Ying-Nan, LIU Tie-An, LU Qing-Xuan
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 76-79.  
    Abstract249)      PDF(pc) (189KB)(210)       Save
    By using KT medium which to be added different content of plant growth substance such as BA, KT, NAA and the combination of KT and NAA, we grant on the subculture of active green globlar body (GGB)of Cymbidium grandiflorum for stand and got these results:①BA can speed the propagation of GGB, but when the content was more than 0.5 mg/L, the propagation speed got down and the green globlar body became smaller and black green.②The propagation effect of KT was better than BA, but when the content of KT was more than 1.0 mg/L, the propagation speed got down, and GGB became smaller.③NAA was benefit to the propagation of GGB, the effect was obviously better than BA and KT, but when the content was more than 1.0 mg/L, the propagation speed didn't change, and GGB became brown partly.④under the combination of KT 0.5~0.7 mg/L and NAA 0.7~1.0 mg/L., the propagation speed and quality of GGB were ideal.Because the less content of plant growth substance have an advantage of the heredity stability.We choose the combination of KT 0.5 mg+NAA 0.7 mg/L.as the propagation medium of GGB.
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    Study on reproductive unit size and reproductive modules dynamics of Castanopsis fargesii in Tiantong National Forest Park, Zhejiang Province
    CHEN Bo, SONG Yong-Chang, DA Liang-Jun
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 80-86.  
    Abstract268)      PDF(pc) (310KB)(253)       Save
    Reproductive unit size and reproductive modules dynamics of Castanopsis fargesii in Tiantong National Forest Park (TNFP)(29°48'N, 121°47'E)was studied in this paper.The results showed at the number of reproductive C.fargesii individuals and their size were closely related to habitat.The data suggested that DBH of reproductive individuals ranged from 17 to 50 cm, with average of 31. 2& #177;8.0 cm, during the two year's census in TNFP.According to models these individual's age scaled 23.8 to 51. 1 years, with average of 36.3& #177;6.6 years.The DBH of reproductive individuals in the forest edge are smaller than that in forest. The results also suggested that not all individuals necessarily produced fruit in the successive years and the number of reproductive individuals differed markedly during the successive two years.The number of reproductive individuals in 2000 was 2.26 times as much as that in 1999.Additionally, not all reproductive branch within these individuals continuously produced fruit in two successive years, nearly 48.2% of reproductive branches produced fruit in every year.The number of the successive reproductive branch, the number of developmental fruit per successive reproductive branch and fruit-set ratio varied obviously between two years.
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    Floral morphology of Kadsura in relation to its systematic significance
    DUAN Lin-Dong, LIN Qi, YUAN Qiong
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 87-92.  
    Abstract277)      PDF(pc) (719KB)(286)       Save
    Floral ontogeny of Kadsura coccinea, K.japonica and K.angustifolia was studied under scanning electron microscope (SEM).The results show that three species have two different floral ontogenetic patterns.Flowers of three species share similar patterns of floral initiation and early development, but diverge in subsequent stages.The similarities of flowers in the initiation and early development supports that Kadsura may be monophyletic.The differences in later stages serve as an evidence of distinguishing the Subgenus Cosbaea and the Subgenus Kadsura in the genus Kadsura.Floral morphology of K.borneensis and K.lanceolata was observed under SEM, the results serve as an evidence of distinguishing the Section Kadsura and the Section Sarcocarpon in the Subgenus Kadsura according as the flowers of K.japonica and K.angustifolia were compared with those of K.borneensis and K.lanceolata.Because the bisexual vestigial structures or a few bisexual flower were observed in K.angustifolia or Schisandra elongata, the results indicate that the unisexual flower in the family Schisandraceae may be derived from the bisexual ancestor.According to the similarties of stigmata between the families Schisandraceae and Illiciaceae, the viewpoint that Schisandraceae was divided from the order Illiciales and the order Schisandrales was foundated is not supported.
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    Anatomy structure study of Rhodiola sachalinensis
    WANG Gui-Qin, ZHAO Yan, DUAN Ya-Jun
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 93-95.  
    Abstract280)      PDF(pc) (181KB)(224)       Save
    There are a lot of aerenchyma in the roots, stems and leaves of Rhodiola sachalinensis.The aerenchyma was made of broken cell of vascular ray in the roots.The solid protein exists in all of the parenchyma of the roots.There is the aleurone layer outside the bundle ring of the stems.The solid protein exits most the round of the vine.Abundant protein of the plant is formed the very strong antifreeze material basis.the phellem is very expand in the secondary structure of the root.
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    Analysis on CTM process of endangered mechanism of Dioscorea nipponica population
    WANG Rui-Lan, NIE Jiang-Li, CONG Pei-Tong
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 96-100.  
    Abstract183)      PDF(pc) (234KB)(102)       Save
    The CTM(Continuous Time Markov Approach)model of Endangered Mechanism of Dioscorea nipponica Population, based on field data collected from San Chazi Forestry Bureau in Ji Lin, Songjiang River Forestry Bureau, Maoer Mountain Forest Field in Hei Longjiang and Liangshui Reserve Area, is constructed to make comparative analysis of evolution trend forecast with altitude of Dioscorea nipponica population and influenced extents of natural and artificial factors.Research results show that between 2 700~2 900 m, the population density of Dioscorea nipponica is relatively stable and grows very well while the states are worse in other areas.Affected by natural as well as artificial factors, Dioscorea nipponica population is endangered as a whole.However, the influencing cycle of each factor is different because some of them can be artificially controlled while other naturally occurred.The corresponding measurements of conserving endangered species are thus put forward.
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    The morphology and allozyme of germplasm resources on Phaseolus vulgaris
    DUAN Xi-Hua, LUAN Fei-Shi, SUN Jing-Bo
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 101-106.  
    Abstract192)      PDF(pc) (256KB)(113)       Save
    Sixty varieties of Phaseolus vulgaris were collected in this study, including 43 from Heilongjiang Province, 13 from The Center of International Agriculture Tropic and 4 from Poland, The botanical and biological characters of the 60 Phaseolus vulgaris varieties were measured.The range of the Oushi's distance among the varieties was 0.11~0.985, calculated by the normalization of standard derivation and our own computer program.The analysis on 10 enzyme systems was done and 25 locaties were obtained.The ratio of polymorphic loci was 0.16.The average genetic distance was 0.056 8.Based on the analysis of genetic relationship of the dendrogram, the 60 Phaseolus vulgaris varieties could be classified into two types, one for dwarf variety, and one for the vine and semi-wild varieties.By using the average genetic distance of Allozyme, the 60 varieties could be divided into 8 groups, 5 for vine, 2 for dwarf, and 2 for semi-wild variety. The genetic distance of vine variety was relatively far, suggesting its importance for storing germplasm resource as breeding materials.
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    Study on DNA extraction of Zelkova
    JIN Xiao-Ling, WU YUN Ta-Na, ZHANG Zhi-Jun, HE Ping
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 107-110.  
    Abstract212)      PDF(pc) (200KB)(253)       Save
    The content of phenolic compound, polysaccharides and other secondary metabolites is high in ligneous plant, which influences frequently the yield and quality of genome DNA when being extracted.In this study, a new method was introduced which do best for characterization the purity and concentration of genome DNA.The result showed that it could effectively eliminate the affections of the secondary materials to extracted genome DNA from Zelkova, and which be suitable for RAPD analysis and other geneticanalysis.
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    Cloning of inducible promoter rd29A and the construction of plant express vector
    LI Jing, LI Jie, GUAN Ying-Zhi, ZHU Yan-Ming
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 111-114.  
    Abstract267)      PDF(pc) (215KB)(196)       Save
    According to the reported sequence of inducible expression promoter rd29A a pair of primer was designed and synthesized.Using the genomic DNA of Arabdopsis thaliana as templet, fragment of rd29A promoter was amplified through method of PCR.According to the cDNA sequence of transcription factor DREB1A gene in GenBank a pair of primer was designed and synthesized.Using the total RNA of low temperature treated Arabdopsis thaliana seedling as templet, the full length of cDNA of DREB1A gene was amplified through method of RT-PCR.The plant express vector pBch was digested and ligated with the DREB1A cDNA fragment and rd29A promoter fragment and got the DREB1A gene plant express vector pBDR29A regulated by inducible promoter.
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    Changes in SOD and POD activity and free proline content of Lolium perenne and Festuca elata leaves under different levels of salt stress
    LU Jing-Jun, DUO Li-An, LIU Xiang-Jun
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 115-119.  
    Abstract326)      PDF(pc) (231KB)(229)       Save
    The effects of different concentrations of NaCl, KCl, MgSO 4 and their mixture on free proline, SOD, POD activity of two kinds of turf grasses were studied.The results showed that the content of free proline waved under different salts and concentrations.That the maximum appeared at higher concentration inferred that the accumulation of prolinewas dominant with the increase of salt stress in some extend;The maximum of SOD appeared at lower concentration while the minimum hasn't the characteristic and the difference of SOD activity in L.perenne and F.elata is insignificant under different salt stress;POD activity waved with the salt concentration increased and its maximum appeared at lower concentration under different treatments except KCl (in L.perenne)and MgSO 4 (in F.elata).POD activity in L.perenne concentrated on higher concentration, however that of F.elata concentrated on lower concentration.Stressed under higher concentration, POD in F.elata was kept at a stable level that is higher than CK and every data approach, but there isn't the result in L.perenne
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    Identification of somatic hybrids by the methods of 5S rDNA spacer sequence and RAPD analysis
    ZHAO Tong-Jin, XIANG Feng-Ning, NIE Hui, XIA Guang-Min, CHEN Hui-min
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 120-124.  
    Abstract258)      PDF(pc) (263KB)(102)       Save
    The present paper described the 5S rDNA spacer sequence and RAPD analysis in the identification of hybrid nature of the calli line from interfamilial somatic hybridization between Bupleurum scoronerifolium and Swerita musstii Franch, the calli line from intertribal somatic hybridization between Avena sativa and Triticum aestivum L.and its regenerated plants.We confirmed that they were somatic hybrids
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    Study on the factors affecting Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in Aloe ( A.arborescens)
    CHEN Ting-Su, ZHANG Jun, XIA Ning-Shao, CHEN Ru-Kai, LI Yang-Rui
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (1): 125-128.  
    Abstract196)      PDF(pc) (200KB)(225)       Save
    Susceptibility of the acceptors to antibiotics and transient expression of β-glucuronidase ( Gus) gene were used to determine the optimized conditions for transformation of transverse thin cell layer (tTCL)of aloe ( A.arborescens)mediated by Agrobacterium Tumefaciens.The results showed that both cefotaxime and carbenicillin were insusceptible while both kanamycin and hygromycin were rather sensitive to aloe.The transverse thin cell layer (tTCL)from top-part of the bud had higher percentage of shoot generation and Gus gene transient expression.Acetosyringone (AS)was necessary in aloe genetic transformation.
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    A new variety of Picea from Notheast of China
    NIE Shao-Quan, YUAN Xiao-Ying
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 129-129.  
    Abstract295)      PDF(pc) (60KB)(166)       Save
    A new variety of Picea Dietro.from Notheast of China is given,i.e. Picea koraiensis Nakai var. nenjiangensis S.Q.Nie et X.Y.Yuan
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    A new variety of Ligustrum lucidum (Oleaceae)from Sichuan
    LIU Jian-Lin
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 130-130.  
    Abstract210)      PDF(pc) (62KB)(193)       Save
    A new variety of Ligustrum was described.
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    A new species of Batrachospermum from Sichuan Province, China
    XIE Shu-Lian, SHI Zhi-Xin
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 131-132.  
    Abstract256)      PDF(pc) (108KB)(202)       Save
    A new species of Batrachospermum Roth from Sichuan Province,Southwest China was reported,i.e. B.pengzhouense S.L.Xie et Z.X.Shi.
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    A new species of Youngia (Compositae) from China
    ZHAO Yi-Zhi, MA Ling
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 133-134.  
    Abstract261)      PDF(pc) (101KB)(170)       Save
    A new species of Youngia from Inner Mongolia was reported.
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    An addition to Acer miaotaiense
    YAO De-Sheng, REN Ji-Wen, CHEN Xi-Cang
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 135-136.  
    Abstract326)      PDF(pc) (121KB)(127)       Save
    This paper states an addition to flower morphology characteristics of Acer miaotaiense.
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    Additions to the pteridophyte flora of Hainan Island, South China
    DONG Shi-Yong, CHEN Zhen-Chuan, ZHANG Xian-Chun
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 137-140.  
    Abstract267)      PDF(pc) (204KB)(218)       Save
    Fifteen species of pteridophytes are recorded for the first time from Hainan Island.They are Aleuritopteris squamosa, Allantodia deoderleinii, Allantodia virescens, Antrophyum formosanum, Asplenium sampsonii, Botrychium daucifolium, Dryopteris fuscipes, Dryopteris pacifica,Lindsaea javanensis, Loxogramme assimilis, Lygodium subareolatum, Pteris longipes, Pteris longipinnula, Selaginella braunii and Selaginella repanda.So far,some 450 pteridophyte taxa are known to grow in Hainan Island.
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    The distribution, origin and evolution of Syringa
    CUI Hong-Xia, JIANG Gao-Ming, ZANG Shu-Ying
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 141-145.  
    Abstract323)      PDF(pc) (238KB)(438)       Save
    Syringa was distributed in China,North Korea,Japan and Southeast Europe.China was the distribution center for Syringa.The species were distributed in Southwest,Northwest,North and Northeast China.The hypotheses on some distribution patterns were suggested in this paper based on the flora evolution studies. Syringa originated in Southwest China,and the migration routes were:Southwest-Northwest-North-Northeast China-Korea peninsula-Japan,Southwest China-Central Asia-Europe.There was a remote disjunct distribution for sister species. S.protolaciniata,which was originated in Northwest China,had a close relation with S.xpersica(distributed in Northwest China and Central Asia) and S.vulgaris(only live in Southeast Europe).It meant there existed some close links in the evolution of species. S.pinnatifolia with pinnated leaves was an intermediate species,which had an important role in the evolution study of this genus.Fossil record showed that S.oblata had been distributed in the center of China in Miocene.It was obvious that the evolution and migration from Southwest to Central China had been finished before Miocene.
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    Flora and ecological characteristics of ferns in Dapeng peninsula of Shenzhen City
    QIN Xin-Sheng, ZHANG Yong-Xia, YAN Yue-Hong, TIAN Huai-Zhen, XING Fu-Wu
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 146-151.  
    Abstract266)      PDF(pc) (264KB)(319)       Save
    The Dapeng peninsula is situated at the southeast of Shenzhen City,China.It locates at 114°28'~114°37'E and 22°26'~22°34'N,covering an area of about 106.7 km 2.There are 105 species of ferns which belong to 35 families,65 genera in this area.The species-rich families which include over 5 species are Dryopteridaceae,Thelypteridaceae,Pteridaceae,Selaginellaceae,Dryopteridaceae,Athyriaceae,Aspleniaceae and Lindsaeaceae.The flora analysis indicated that the tropical and subtropical elements in families (54.26%),genera (92.86%) and species (70.87%) are dominant.This reflected the tropical characteristics of the species at the region.The single-genera families and single-species genera are abundant,which make up 54.26% of the total families and 69.23% of the total genera.According to the differences of their habitat,the ferns of Dapeng Peninsula can be divided into 4 ecological types:terraphytes (71.43%),lithophytes (4.59%),hydrophytes (2.75%) and epiphytes (4.59%).
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    A floristic study on the seed plants from the YiwulüMountains of Liaoning Province
    CAO Wei, LIU Yun-Long, ZHU Cai-Xia, YU Xing-Hua, SONG Dian-Yun, REN Qi-Chang
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 152-157.  
    Abstract282)      PDF(pc) (266KB)(254)       Save
    There are about 718 species of wild seed plants in the YiwulüMountains,belonging to 94 families and 362 genera.According to their present distribution,the species can be classified into 23 areal-types and 20 subtypes.The flora is temperate in nature,but it had some connection with tropical flora historically.It has the wide connection in geographical relationships.It is closely related with elements of E.Asia (especially with one of Japan) and secondly with North temperate elements.The principal part of the flora is composed of them.
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    Morphologyical anatomical studies on Betulaceae vessel element from Helongjiang Province, China
    ZHANG Da-Wei, SHI Fu-Chen
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 158-161.  
    Abstract236)      PDF(pc) (413KB)(377)       Save
    By means of scanning electron microscope (SEM),The morphological structure of the inner wall of the vessel molecules in plants of Betulaceae in Heilongjiang Province is studied,which includes 4 genera ( Alnus, Betula, Carpinus and Corylus),15 species,4 varieties and 3 forms are included in the study.The result shows that there is obvious difference in the length and the width of vessel molecules.Pits are bordered.They are all alternate pitting except a few species.The pits between vessels are distributed in groups,most of them show regular form.In the inner or on the border of pits,there are round point projections or reticular projections that are consist of varying apertures.They are common in Betulaceae.The main features of the inner walls are discussed and analyzed the ecological adaptation in morphological evolution of the vessel molecules are analyzed.This paper concludes that the specialization level of vessel molecules is determined by the humidity utilization,traspiration and pressure selection.
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    A primary anatomical study on the wood of Vatica astrotricha plantation
    XING Yong
    Bulletin of Botanical Research    2004, 24 (2): 162-165.  
    Abstract188)      PDF(pc) (294KB)(171)       Save
    Slice and microphotographics were used to study the anatomical characteristics of the wood of plantation of Vatica astrotricha Hance.The relationship between the wood property and its structure,the phylogeny of the anatomical characteristic and the wood growth regulation were also studied.The results showed that:⑴the proportion of the vessel,xylem fiber,axial parenchyma and ray parenchyma corresponds approximately,but the xylem fiber is the most;⑵with the increase of the growth ring number,the pore number reduced,but the pore diameter increase;⑶it was too little that physically natural age in this tree compare with the growth ring number;⑷the wood anatomical characteristic was not uniform.
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