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Bulletin of Botanical Research ›› 2004, Vol. 24 ›› Issue (4): 491-494.

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Bacteriostatic agent selection in plant genetic transformation

XU Shu-Hong, XU Xiang-Ling   

  1. Biology Department of Harbin Normal University, Harbin 150080
  • Received:2004-01-07 Online:2004-12-15 Published:2016-06-14

Abstract: As plant genetic transformation is being carried on by Agrobacterium-mediated, a proper bacteriostatic agent must be selected to eliminate bacteria in order to make transformed explant grow in normal way after co-culturing Agrobacterium and explant.We have studied sensitivities of Agrobacterium rhizogene pRi15834 、 pRiA4b 、pRi1724、pRiA13 to three kinds of cephalosporin by bioactivity and dilution tests.Ceftriaxone sodium has the best bactericidal effect of them, the proper concentration is 100~300 mg/L.

Key words: Agrobacterium rhizogene, bacteriostatic agent, transformation